Terms and Conditions
These General Terms and Conditions do not affect the statutory rights of the customers of Tyreshop.ie
1. Delivery
  • Offers are not binding. Deliveries, services and quotes are calculated, based on our most recently published prices before delivery or collection as long as stocks last. Due to the supply situation on the tyre market, we must include the right to forfeit delivery, in which case your statutory rights will be respected Your order translates into an offer, which we accept on delivery. Products in stock are shipped by Tyreshop.ie within 7 days. In exceptional cases, the delivery time is extended to 30 days. If the delivery time exceeds 30 days, the customer will be notified by email. If the customer cancels the contract of sale after this deadline has been exceeded, the company, Tyreshop.ie, will immediately return all advance payments in question, or within 30 days at the latest.
2. Return Policy, Right of property and security
Unwanted goods
We make every effort to ensure that you, as our customer, are satisfied with our services. You have the right to return all (unwanted) goods bought at Tyreshop.ie within 30 days after delivery. We will refund the buying price within 30 days - only condition being that the goods have not been in use. A fee of €25.00 will be deducted to cover the delivery and collection of unwanted goods. However, refunds can only be granted for tyres and rims that have not been mounted. This also applies to any fitting attempts. Tyres and rims must be bundled in pairs ready for shipping and returned in a clean state. If you are a private customer (i.e. not a company or organisation) please, inform us when the tyres and rims can be collected within 14 days after delivery date.
Faulty goods
Where faulty goods are properly rejected in compliance with your statutory rights and obligations, you are entitled to claim a full refund, and consequential losses such as postage costs. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) you are allowed a reasonable opportunity to establish that the goods are in conformity with our the contract entered into between yourself and Tyreshop.ie. To this end Tyreshop.ie will accept that goods may have been used, but only to the extent necessary to identify the particular fault you complain of.
We reserve the title of property to all products delivered, until all outstanding payments and demands concerning the order have been settled, including demands subject to condition. This also holds true for any ensuing payments. To exercise our title of property, we may demand the immediate return of the product without any right of retention, except in the event of legally binding or unrefuted claims.
3. Internet services
  1. As an internet provider, we offer an eCommerce platform to our clients, which can be used to search for, to offer, to buy and to sell products and services.
  2. Our internet offer is open and not binding. We reserve all rights to change items, adjust prices to market prices, as well as to add any technical changes. In so far as we provide free services, these can be terminated, or be charged for at any time - without any prior notice. No loss, substitution, or punitive claims can be derived here from.
4. Payment
  1. Payment is to be made when tyres are ordered.
  2. Foreign exchange and cheques will only be accepted, if and when the full payment amount has been credited to our account. We reserve the right to present foreign or own accepted bills. Costs and discount charges will be carried by the client. We will not account for presentation and protest. Protest against the client's own exchange or if the amount of payment is not covered, immediately allow us to return all current exchanges. At the same time all outstanding payments will be due. Predated cheques will not be accepted.
5. Warranty, Liability
  • Warranties or responsibility for deliveries are only granted to the same extent expressed by the product manufacturer. Damage claims will be refuted if we, our legal representatives or our management are not liable for deliberate act or gross negligence. Save for liability for negligently caused death or personal injury, we will not accept liability for damages due to negligence in so far this exclusion of liability is held to be reasonable under the given circumstances. The customer’s statutory rights for non-delivery are not affected by this clause E.1..
  • Warranties for product deliveries end 6 months after delivery to the end customer, except if governing laws stipulate a longer warranty period. All our services and deliveries underlie legal investigation and obligation. Warranty claims can only be filed by our direct customers and companies that are part of a current, ongoing business relationship.
  • Save for the customer’s statutory rights in relation to the purchased tyres or rims and their fitness for purpose and (amongst others) satisfactory quality, damage claims will be refuted, if we, our legal representatives, or our management are not liable for deliberate act or gross negligence. This also applies to damages incurred due to duties neglected during negotiations, as well as unauthorized acts.
  • Our legal representatives and management are not liable for ensuing damages and typical damages, resulting from a careless interpretation of minor contract duties or minor duties within the framework of a contract agreement. The total damage will be restricted to the typical average amount of damages, save for damage due to liability for negligently caused death or personal injury. This clause does not affect your right to seek compensation for any damage or loss incurred by the customer.
  • In so far as we are insured against damage claims listed in Paragraph 4, we may pass on any resulting insurance claim to the client.
  • It is common knowledge that, at present, it is not possible to develop or operate error-free software and hardware or exclude errors, which may occur while using the medium Internet. We will not be liable for any damages to users or third parties incurred while using our platforms. Although every effort is made to ensure the correct image of the tyre is displayed, these images are supplied to us by our suppliers and is thus out of our control.
  • All rights reserved. Text, images, sound, graphics, animations and videos, as well as layout of our web site are covered by copyright and other trademarks. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, change or offer access to a third party to the content of these web sites for commercial purposes. Some of our web sites include images, which are copyright of a third party. If not indicated otherwise, all trademarks on our web sites are registered. The use of our web sites does not grant any license to intellectual property by us or any third party.
6. Our Other agreements
  • terms and conditions, which apply to all agreements and offers, become effective when an order is placed. Before placing an order at Tyreshop.ie please make sure you have noted and understood your rights and obligations under these terms and conditions. Even though your order and our acceptance there of shall in principle evidence the agreement entered into between Tyreshop.ie and our customers, Tyreshop.ie shall not seek to refuse to acknowledge liability for any statement by their employees or other agents of Tyreshop.ie whom our customers would reasonable assume to be authorised to enter into commitments on behalf of Tyreshop.ie. Although every effort is made to ensure the correct image of the tyre is displayed, these images are supplied to us by our suppliers and is thus out of our control.
The overall validity of these terms and conditions is not affected by single void items and the rest of the contract shall only continue to bind the parties if it is capable of continuing in existence without the void term.
  • Tyreshop.ie reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time. If the customer does not object to the changes within a period of 2 weeks after the changes have been announced, the changes will take effect. If the customer objects within the set time period, parties have the right to cancel the contract at the point in time, when the modified conditions take effect. Our terms and conditions also apply to any future business transactions, without any further detailed agreement being necessary. This clause does not effect the customers’ right to seek compensation for breach of contract due to any amendment made to these terms and conditions."

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